noun: satori
1. sudden enlightenment.
“the road that leads to satori”
A Commitment to

A Higher Standard of

Quality & Service

Working alongside dozens of clients over the years has helped us discern what matters most, and once we determine your expectations, we set about superseding them.

This means getting to know you, along with what you want out of your property, so that we can create a stylish and functional home.

Seamless building process, professionally built and a quality home. Satori homes has exhibited a real commitment to customer service.

Jas & Amrit N.

Over the past two years that I have gotten to know and work with Jas I have found him to be very passionate and hard working. He is very dedicated to create insightful and creative building projects. He wants to be unique and combine quality and luxury to each and everyone of his products. He's hands on and eager to work with clients to complete a deadline and to provide outstanding customer service.

Sukh B.


01. Plan

Planning begins on creating a project that encapsulates your unique personality, while meeting practical requirements for everyday modern life.


02. Design

You are in control of the quality and standard of products and materials used from start to finish, allowing you to maximize your investment in the construction of your new home.


03. Build

Monitoring details with a critical eye throughout the construction process, ensuring the home is built from quality materials with skilled labor through to the issuance of the occupancy permit.


04. Live

Our Two-Five-Ten Year home warranty coverage is provided by Pacific Home Warranty and comes with all of our new homes. We also inform home owners on the correct way to maintain the home after the warranty period is up.

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